Dude, where’s Charlie?

Charlie Sheen; the true logo and advertisement for Two and a half men. No conversation of the hit television show would be complete without the antics and behaviours of funny-boy Charlie, but 2011 may bring the result that many viewers were dreading.

Since the producers of Two and a half men sacked Sheen for his drunken behaviour

Ashton Kutcher.

 and media portrayal, he has come the subject of humorous jokes, spoof videos and drunken behaviour. Did anyone go out and get absolutely Charlie-Sheened this weekend?

Well, it may just be that the former lead on the show is replaced with actor, Ashton Kutcher. Looks like Kutcher won’t be able to spend so much time on his beloved Twitter account.

According to CBS, the producers have announced that they will be reinventing the show to suit Kutcher.

Who’s “winning” now, Charlie?