point plank.

The new international sensation of “planking”, has claimed its first Australian victim, with a Gladstone man falling to his death after losing balance on a balcony early this morning. 

The man was attempting to “plank” on the railing of a seven-storey high apartment building, when he plunged to his death at 4:30am.

Facebook tributes have been paid on the Australian Planking page, where “fellow plankers” sent their farewells.

Friends of the victim were not so sympathetic to the ludicrous sport.

“You will never be forgotten. It was hard news and I must add, although you had fun doing what you died doing, it is a load of crap,” a friend stated via Facebook. 

Like many, planking is unfamiliar, and a potentially dangerous practice that has been described as “the art of laying face-down on various objects with the intent to impress aesthetically and overshadow peers”. 

Still, “planking” continues, with many participants appearing on top of random, and even extremely high objects, all for the purpose of impressing. 

Yes, that man over there is lying on top of a vending machine.

Source: Gladstone Observer

Img: Surkld