in the name of beauty.

You may think you have heard of everything, but trust me on this one – you haven’t just yet. 

A mother in the US has been discovered injecting botox into her 8 year-old daughter, claiming that the child, Britney, was complaining of wrinkles.

Britney Campbell told the ABC, that the pain hurts, but she “is used to it” – her mother, Kerry, has been practising it on her for quite a while. 

“They’re [all] giving their kids botox.  And it’s pretty much like the thing. I’m not the only one that does it. A lot of moms do it,” Kerry said to the ABC.

8 year-old, Britney Capmbell.

And maybe a lot of mothers are doing it, which makes all the more for a disturbing problem in society. 

Los Angeles psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy said to the ABC, “When I first heard this story, I think my initial reaction was to be a little bit in disbelief, and a little bit horrified”.

What’s more, is that little Britney, admits that she can feel and notice a difference after each of her individual treatments. 

“It looks way better. Like beautiful, pretty – all those nice words,” she says.

Source: ABC