The Foreverthings was launched in April 2011 by Cassie McBlane. Starting out as a space for contemporary self-writings, musings and inspirational passages, the site was transformed into a blog for all things news, opinions, gossip and life writings. The site features as a popular go-to space for updates on the latest, include the weird and wacky, and has since celebrated its one year anniversary.

The blog was featured in Star Central Magazine Blog (and blogger) of the Week and has claimed the attention of popular media and critics inside and outside cyberspace. Now hitting over the 25,000 views mark, The Foreverthings is branching out to new readers and constantly updating its interactive space, to bring you an innovative experience from a young Australian writer.

About the author

The Foreverthings creator and writer – Cassie McBlane

Cassie McBlane is a 21-year old from Melbourne, Australia. Currently studying in her last year in the Bachelor of Arts for Professional and Creative Writing, Cassie has used her time as an undergraduate to put her foot into the fast-developing industry of news and media.

Since childhood, Cassie has aspired to be a writer, author and journalist for creative and professional organisations inside and outside the nation. With a passion and determination that has not allowed her to give up her driven devotion to writing, Cassie has practiced the art for as long as the English language has been accessible to her.

In 2006, Cassie featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair for a short essay on female body perceptions in the magazine industry, and the airbrushing procedures that have forced their ways into the print industry.

She was published online for poetry in the literary journal Imagine in 2011, for three pieces, and will feature in Verandah Journal‘s 27th issue for her prose writing.

Her short story Albert and Juliet was readapted into a ten minute short film by Deakin University student Nic Barker in 2012, and has since screened at several film festivals, including the Ohio and Oregon productions. The film has also been recognised for twice-nominated Best Actress, Enya Daly.

Cassie is currently a writer for Intentious, and broke viewing records in March for her post on Kony 2012. She also writes and reviews for Lip Magazine and is currently an Intern Editor at artsHub Australia.

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Last updated 2 August 2012.