you’re toast.

It was a former viral video from 1984, thanks to the US Daily Show, but the wacky (and a little too creepy) footage is back for haunting after it was leaked onto the internet from the show’s archives. The footage, which hasn’t been revisited for 28 years, shows a woman being interviewed about her toaster. Yes, her toaster.

But she had good reason.

A still from the footage (video to the left).

At the time, June O’Brien was convinced her ordinary toaster was not so ordinary after all, insisting that it was possessed by the devil and constantly gave out warnings to both her and her husband. In the video, O’Brien holds up a piece of burnt toast, which has “Satan Lives” etched into its surface. When the interviewer asked for further evidence, she attempted to feed the appliance fresh bread, leading to the toaster bursting a gout of flames.

Posessed toaster video (click here to see the footage).

Producer of the interview, Boyd Mason, said he conducted the session as part of a segment he was involved with on supermarket tabloids. The piece also included a woman who admitted she had been having sex with aliens for several years…

But just as weird and disturbing as these stories may be, they come just in time time assist with the global ‘fear’ that the world will end on December 21st, this year. According to a newspaper yesterday, however, the date has been shifted to 2028, so we’re safe. Until they shift it again.