Guest Post: The Awesome Summer Job – Sarah Long

Last summer I was sun baking on the beach of Nice, in France. While I was rotating to my front, I noticed this incredible babe of a guy with chiseled abs walking towards me. 
Now generally, this is a woman’s dream come true, however to be honest, I froze.

For those tanning rookies out there, sun baking on the beach isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Sand creeps into areas that sand should never creep and sweat pours from areas that you didn’t even know sweat! So as you could imagine, I was freak’n out!! 
I quickly grabbed the edge of my towel and wiped away the excess condensation from my already sunburned face, then put my sunnies on (the more face hidden the hotter you look).
‘Would you like some sunscreen rubbed on your back?’ a French accent questioned. I peered up and there he was with a bottle of sunscreen and a big cheesy grin on his face. I smiled and before I responded he said ‘It’s going to cost you of course.’ I laughed.
We began chatting and it wasn’t long until he informed me that he had been hired by a hotel to rub sunscreen on tourists’ backs. This was his summer job!

What an awesome summer job. He was not only spending time on the beach surfing and tanning, but he was getting paid for it. It got me thinking… What if we could all do something that we love while getting paid for it? Especially during summer!
 Imagine if you could get paid teaching someone how to surf? Or get paid to take someone along the coast or to your favourite shops? You would already be doing what you love, however getting money to do it!  It sounds too good to be true.

I have countless of friends that use any excuse to avoid working their mundane, indoor job over summer, however they eventually give in as their funds limit their social lives. I know that my friends love doing activities over summer, so why not replace their boring job with a mint activity?
I began doing my research, as I knew that there would have to be options. If this hot babe was rubbing sunscreen on peoples back over summer, then there was some sort of avenue that would provide us with the opportunity of creating a job out of something we love!

That is where I stumbled across, an edgy website where people like us can offer their passions and interests to cool travelers in town and get paid for it! I couldn’t resist and have already signed up, check me out 😉
All you have to do is sign up as a host on their site and create your own profile. The best part is that you have complete control of when you want to do the activity and how much you want to charge… oh and its free to sign up.

So, if you’re someone like me, who wants the perfect summer job that fits around your social lifestyle, then get around Arribaa and have a mint summer.