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Obama re-elected as president.

The US election has been a hot topic on social networking for the past few months, with the election campaign grasping a majority of the trends, most particularly on Twitter. Now, after Obama’s poll success over challenger Mitt Romney today, the next few days are going to be dominated by this year’s gridlock election.

The campaign had been a continuously tight between the pair, with Obama’s management of the election still remaining the hot topic for debate. Unfortunately for Romney, no protests for the 44th US President’s finance issues could save him from an eventual loss–Obama claiming office for an additional four years.

Obama’s ability to hold onto Democratic strongholds, beat Romney’s efforts of taking back states that Barrack had previously won over in 2008, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota, who have proved themselves to be pivotal in this election.

Results have indicated directly from the exit polls, that voters prime concerns of re-electing Obama for another four years in office, was America’s current struggles in the economy. Obama tackled the topic  in his campaign by addressing the prime question for all those that would be voting: Who would be better in handling the financial future of the United States?

Previously setting his own mission to be the first challenger to unseat a president since 1992, Romney now faces the grim weeks ahead, despite telling reporters on his way to Boston this afternoon that he felt a victory “was on the horizon”.

“You know, intellectually, I’ve felt we’re going to win this and have felt that for some time,” Romney told reporters traveling with him from his last campaign stop from Pittsburgh back to Massachusetts. “But emotionally, just getting off the plane and seeing those people standing there … just seeing people there cheering as they were connected emotionally with me and I not only think we’re going to win intellectually, I feel it as well.”