In Transit.

If you’re having one of those days where you are in need of stumbling upon something entertaining and enlightening, then take the opportunity to watch the comedy mini-series In Transit. Based on the talent of emerging musicians in Australia, this light-hearted and intriguing series is definitely an inspirational project to keep an eye on in the hectic film and television industry in the nation.

I caught up with Co-Creator  Maddy Butler to talk about the exciting production.

Maddy, welcome! Okay, so tell me a bit about In Transit. Where did the inspiration come from for the production?

In Transit is about a group of twenty somethings and their ups and downs as they try to figure out their lives. The four main characters are based on friends of the co creator, Thulaisi Sivapalan, who approached me while we were working on a play I’d written late 2011 and asked me to write a web series with him.


Did you received funding (government?) from an industry, sponsor or was the project self-funded? 

The project was entirely self-funded. Thulaisi and I started a production company through which we could run the production and paid for everything out of pocket. It meant we were on a very low budget!

The series is an interesting and captivating one that would definitely capture the attention of individuals in the arts, like myself. The bands are obviously all Australian emerging artists, so where did you find these groups and why did you choose them?

From the start we wanted to use upcoming Australian artists as the reason we created the web series was to promote the talents of people wanting to establish a career in the arts industry. (We also figured that they would be happy with the promotion and thus would not charge us, as we had no budget!)

We did a call out to our cast and crew, asking if anyone knew some Aussie bands and were able to find a few people that way. Mostly, though, we sourced artists through Triple J’s Unearthed, a radio station dedicated to upcoming Aussie artists. Our Associate Producer, Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher, trawled through pages upon pages on the Unearthed website, listening to song after song until she made a selection for each episode and we then chose the most suitable song. We’ve been pretty lucky as most of the artists we contacted we’re keen to get involved.


What exactly is it that the show aims to to do. Is it a message for forgotten, or perhaps, overlooked emerging talent in the arts?

Definitely – more and more web series are being made now as they are a great calling card for emerging artists. We wanted to create something that would give artists who were having trouble finding work an opportunity to gain experience and exposure. The great thing about making a web series is that, as we distribute it ourselves online, exposure is global and unlimited.


The first three episodes are currently available for free viewing by clicking here!