A chilling discovery.


A devastated father from China has come forth to express his heartbreak of the death of his son from leukemia five years ago. Most harrowing, however, is the man’s decision to keep the corpse frozen in a freezer backed up by generators, for when the town’s frequent power outages occur.

Tian Xueming, from Huangling in southern China, has refused all offers to have his son’s body
moved to a nearby family tomb, claiming that having the body nearby, means him and his wife are able to “pull up a chair” and talk to him whenever they feel like it.

The 54-year-old told Daily Mail that moving his son away from the family home was not an option, after their 15-year-old daughter collapsed and passed away on a hot summer’s day not long before his son was diagnosed.

“It makes me feel like he is still here,” states Mr Xueming.

“When my wife and I want to talk to him we can just pull up some chairs, lift the lid and chat to him as if he had never been taken from us.”

“When he died I just couldn’t face never seeing my child again so we decided to put him in a freezer to preserve his body.”

The couple attempted to keep the arrangement a secret, but over time, neighbours learned of the odd behaviour, one stating that it was as if “the son was in a deep sleep”. News is now spreading rapidly, with many residents pleading for the family to move their sons body to a more appropriate location.

“One day the time will come when his mother and I can no longer look after him and we will then give him a proper burial, but now is not the time,” says Xueming.




Photo credit: DailyMail, CEN, Europics and China Quirky News.