trick or treat!

A cinema full of children and their families have been given the fright of their lives after a theatre in the UK mistakenly screened Paranormal Activity 4 instead of their purchased choice Madagascar 3. More than 25 families fled the cinema when the first scene had audiences viewing a corpse being throttled toward camera.

The film was not yet two minutes in when children began screaming and crying, running from Cineworld cinema in Nottingham, who blamed the glitch on a “technical error”.

Parent Natasha Lewis told the press that the incident had parents distraught and furious, demanding refunds and compensation for psychological damages.

“Everybody just scrambled for the exists, all you could hear were children crying. Everyone was very upset. I’ve watched a few horror films in my time but the Paranormal Activity films are the scariest since The Exorcist,” she said.

The cinema has offered full refunds for customers involved in the error, giving complimentary tickets and a later showing of Madagascar 3 free of charge.

Staff at Cineworld have apologised to the public and have stated that this matter will be taken seriously, working with technicians to ensure the incident does not occur again.