Apple has finally released their anticipated iPad mini, a condensed version of the mother device. The launch comes as a competitor for both Amazon and Google tablets. Up until now, Apple has claimed 70% of sales in the entire tablet market, but Google’s Nexus 7 gave the giant a run for its money–selling a massive one million in three months.

With the Kindle Fire now climbing the ladder of consumer’s favourite tablet devices, the iPad mini has been thrown out into the industry by Apple’s senior vice-president Phil Schiller, who introduced the gadget in San Jose, USA recently.

Phil Schiller with the iPad mini.

“Others have tried to make tablets smaller than the iPad and they have failed miserably,” Schiller told the Guardian.

The new miniature iPad prides itself on being held in one hand at  0.68 pounds (0.3kg) and 7.2mm, with a 7.9 inch (20cm) display–a quarter thinner than the recent fourth generation iPad.

Apple is attempting to claim ownership of the tablet market, as it did with the iPod in the digital music player revolution, and is expecting hit the ground running against Google’s Android platforms–CNET editor Jason Jenkins labelling the upcoming tablet war  a “bloodbath”.

Interestingly in 2006, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would never release a miniature tablet device, as its sales would be “dead ” before hitting the shelves, but the company has taken a full 360 and is risking the plunge to ensure they keep up with the latest rivalry.

The Apple iPad mini will be available to the public from 2 November, with prices starting at $329.

Source: Guardian UK.