remembering Bali.


It goes without saying that today marks the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombings, a horrific tragedy which claimed the lives of 202 innocent people at the Sari Nightclub, including 88 Australians. Today, survivors and victims share their stories and grief in a day of remembrance and mourning.

A service in Bali is currently underway, with seats provided for the families affected by the disaster and a unique flower arrangement of wattle and frangipanis given to those that are involved with the day–a symbol of Australia and Bali in unity.

Those invited to the ceremony have also been offered the chance to light a candle in the Rememberance Pool, with a range of cultures joining in the memorial: ustralia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, France, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, The Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan the USA.


Today’s moment of unity for the world brings together the grief of those affected by the bombings, but also makes a strong comment on the power of community and culture. Father Whitley addressed the friends and families at the memorial, with a small statement that says a thousand words.

“We are here today to prove that although we come from different countries and religious groups we are united against terrorism and refuse to be intimidated even when confronted by such great loss.”

Julia Gillard, who attended the service alongside former Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, has left her political problems back at home and cherished the day as important and devastating time in Australian history.

Thoughts and prayers are with the victims, family and friends of the Bali bombings. Let today bring peace and unity.

For a full report of the service and its events, click here.

Photo credit: The Australian.