man’s best friend.

John Dolan was laying in his hospital bed at the Good Samaritan Medical Centre in New York last week, when he received a call he would have never expected.

Dolan was informed that a dog was howling hysterically outside the hospital, with a tag on his collar that identified him as the owner. An employee of the hospital informed Dolan that he needed to pick up his dog immediately, but when Dolan explained that he was inside the hospital undergoing care, the two men began to wonder how 7-year-old Zander, the samoyed-husky mixbreed, tracked him down.

John Dolan and 7-year-old Zander.

Dolan’s wife told ABC News that Zander had been moping around their residential house, two miles away from the hospital, when Dolan had been initially hospitalised. The couple realised that Zander had escaped out of the back door of their Bay Shore home, traveling a “hard two miles” across a stream, a highway and a “tricky navigation through neighbourhood streets”, to make it to the hospital.

Zander had never been near or at the Good Samaritan Medical Centre previously in his life.

The Dolans rescued the husky five years ago from a shelter, when the young pup had been enduring extreme starvation. Dolan says the now ecstatic pet refuses to leave his side,  and are still baffled by the dog’s navigation.