SimCity reboot.

I’m probably only blogging about this to help contain my excitement for  possibly the best announcement to ever happen to the world since the Sims hit Facebook, but nonetheless, it’s gotta be talked about.

SimCity is rebooting, with the 2013 edition coming to your computer in February. Get ready for Maxis’s best ever installation of the Sim world, with gameplay that’s going to bedazzle you. Move over FIFA and Call of Duty, there’s a threat in town (boys, keep your girlfriends close at hand). It’s been nine years since SimCity 4 was released and Maxi have had fans wriggling with anticipation. Now, the reboot is about to hit the gaming world, bringing your Sim citizens alive more than they have ever been before.

Name your individual Sim citizens, give them jobs and finances, but prepare yourself for some old revivals of the game’s traditional concepts: creating zones, building emergency faculties in regions and overall taking care of your citizens. The details, however, is what is set to give the game its edge–house lights for when darkness arrives. It’s the little things that matter.

The game will be called SimCity, not SimCity 5, to match the features of an equivalent “reboot”, and will take the roots as a reality city-building simulator. Everything you see in real life, will be simulated and readapted in this installation. Get ready for your citizens to have mental breakdowns over employment cuts.

A multiplayer  mode has also been introduced, where plays will have the chance to share resources, imports and exports, between their cities. What’s more exciting, for now, is that Maxis and EA will be releasing SimCity Social for Facebook, in collaboration with Playfish, as a competitor for Zynga’s Cityville.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming to technology in 2013, but none more exciting than SimCity’s reboot. Who needs real life when you can play God all day, everyday? Bring on the spontaneous alien attacks. I’m ready. Lucky I finished my degree this year.