If you haven’t heard of “Gangnam Style”, I’m tempted to ask you whether you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks. If you haven’t heard of Psy, I’m probably going to be a little more lenient, but you should know that Australians are gearing up to be “galloping” around the joint when he heads over for his “Gangnam Style” promotion on October 15.

Psy is the man responsible for the world-wide phenomenon which scored 343 million views on YouTube, up against Gotye’s Somebody That I used To Know, at 327 million. Otherwise known as Jai-Sang Park, Psy has spent the last decade creating his “big break”. Yep. That’s right. “Gangnam Style” is ten years in the making.

And it has paid off.

Psy will head over to Australia for his promo tour to perform the energetic song on X Factor and Sunrise–ironic, considering Nine created their own Big Brother version of “Gangnam Style” for the 2012 series.

Some are labelling him a mere one-hit wonder, but Psy has been taken up by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and has claimed number one on the charts in 33 countries, including Australia this week.

You might suggest it is a cult pop-culture fad, which will be gone before another one hits Australia’s doormat, but the video has become a sensation and wildly iconic for its…intriguing…dance.

If you’re interesting in pulling off those moves (don’t attempt as a pick-up line), have created a fancy step-by-step guide, cut-out sunglasses and all.