fine line between timeline.

Some of you may have heard about the apparent Facebook glitch which has allegedly spilled thousands of inbox messages of users, onto their public walls for all to see. A large number of people have come forward to say their private messages between 2007-2008 have been accessible for anyone that views their profile.

The social networking giant claims, however, that no messages have been leaked, and that its reviewing of the situation has confirmed there are no technical issues within its operations.

“We have reviewed reports from all over the world and have yet to find one instance where this has been true,” Facebook Policy Communications told Mashable.

Photo credit: Mashable.

“Moreover, it would be incredibly difficult from a technical perspective for this even to be possible because of the systems’ architecture with running on two separate languages.”

Initially, Facebook staff panicked at the flurry of emails regarding the issue, but were quick to dismiss any issues were evident within its system. Representatives are now stating that deeper investigations has concluded that apparent inbox messages being seen on Timelines, are simply older wall posts which have always been accessible for anyone to visit the profile.

Facebook is putting the misunderstanding down to the rollout of the new Timeline, which has now got all Facebook users included into the design. The company continues to standby its investigation confirmation that anyone apparently spotting inbox messages on their Timelines, are mistaking them for past wall posts.