UPDATE: Jill Meagher CCTV footage

Police have released CCTV footage from a clothing store in Brunswick, showing missing Melbourne woman Jill Meagher in conversation with a man, just moments before her disappearance.

Dressed in a blue hoodie, this man is believed to hold a crucial clue to the whereabouts of Ms Meagher, who went missing on Saturday at approximately 1:41am. The 29 year-old had attempted to make the short walk home after a night out at Bar Etiquette in Brunswick, but never returned to her husband.

Victoria Police have asked Melbourne residents to carefully view the CCTV video (provided here), showing several minutes of which a man can be seen walking in front of the store between 1:39am and 1:43am on Saturday morning. In the last minute of the clip, the man is shown talking to Ms Meagher for 40 seconds.

Detectives have further stated that the video shows Ms Meagher calmly talking to the man, whilst holding her phone, which was rejecting calls from 2am onwards. The pair then walk north towards Hope St, where Jill’s handbag was discovered on Monday.

Detective Inspector John Potter told News.com.au that the identity of this man is now a major priority for the investigation.

“It’s the last moment that we have,” he said in a statement.

“We are particularly interested in this man in the blue top who appeared to be talking to Jillian.

“She’s holding her phone, possibly about to phone or phoning someone…We are extremely keen to talk to that person.”

The footage also shows another man walking along the Sydney Rd footpath, before looking back over his shoulder at something that has caught his attention. Police are now pleading for this man to come forward.

MELBOURNE RESIDENTS: Please view this CCTV clip of Jillian Meagher walking along Sydney Rd on Saturday morning, at approximately 1:40am. If you can identify anyone in this footage, or hold any information that may assist the investigation, please contact Crime Stoppers immediately on 1800 333 000.