Deveny’s despair.

Acclaimed social commentator Catherine Deveny has approached Victoria Police after recounting how a man attempted to haul her off her bike on Sydney Road in Brunswick, in July.

Social commentator Catherine Deveny has approached Victoria Police regarding CCTV footage of Jillian Meagher.

After watching the CCTV footage of missing Melbourne woman Jill Meagher walking along the same road on Saturday night, just moments before her disappearance, Deveny contacted Crime Stoppers to report the assault.

Moments later, Deveny told Twitter that the man had been dressed in a blue hoodie, was alone and held the same appearance as the one in Ms Meagher’s CCTV video.

“He was alone. On foot and I described him as ‘Early 30s sandy hair, jeans and a blue hoodie.’ I just saw the footage now. Same guy.”

“If you look closely at the footage he appears to have a gun in his pocket. Shaking.

“Thought he was a drunk dickhead but appeared a bit menacing if women reported every bit of public harassment they got, cops would be flat out.”

Victoria Police are now in search for the man and are also looking into the possibility of abduction.

“We haven’t been able to rule that out at all,” Detective Inspector John Potter told the Herald Sun.