Have you seen Jill Meagher?

Missing Melbourne ABC staff member Jill Meagher, last seen Saturday.

A massive manhunt has been issued for ABC staff member Jill Meagher, a  Melbourne resident, who mysteriously disappeared last Saturday after a night out at Bar Etiquette in Brunswick.

Jill, 29, was last seen heading towards her home just around the corner from the bar, at approximately 1:45am Saturday.

Police have sealed off 200 metres of the Sydney Rd end of Hope St, after finding a handbag belonging to Ms Meagher. Work Colleague Tom Wright says he was the last person to have seen Ms Meagher, after she insisted on walking the short distance home, and departing with him when he located a cab.

Jill was wearing a blue dress, black jacket, black stockings and high heels. So far CCTV has given no further information to police, who will take to door-knocking this afternoon.

Mr Meagher has set up a Facebook campaign, urging anyone with information to contact police.

Help find Jill Meagher.