A prisoner in the US has modelled himself out to look like the The Terminator, tattooing half of his face…and his eyeball.

The newly popular fashion has erupted in the States, in a handful of tattooists, who inject the eyeball with a syringe full of ink, giving customers the risk of partial blindness or ink leakage.

A US inmate shocks the public with his eyeball tattoo and Terminator appearance.

Tattoo artist Joeltron told News that the art-form has become a loved practice for its individuality and uniqueness, and claims he invented the fad six years ago.

“There are many [risks], such as leaking in. But [People like eyeball tattoos] for the sake of art and love,” he told News.

The artist claims that eyeball tattooing is next to painless, as it does not employ machines and is a lot “less traumatic”.

The fad has also made its way into US prisons, where inmates have been using alternate methods to stain the eyeballs in a “horrific and painful” manner.

Eyeball tattooing.

Tattoo artist Jack Smith claims many artists will not be willing to run the risks, if the fad begins to take off globally.

“I would never do it,” he told news.com.au. “A few guys started doing it four or five years ago; traditionally doing it by poking the white of the eye, with limited success.”


Photo credit: News.com.au