on the prowl.

The Victorian Baillieu Government has declared the little-known “big-cat hunt” over, a search has left officials without evidence and frustratingly empty-handed.

In an almost secretive man-hunt for a “big cat” population in the state, the Federal Government initiated a search for the beasts, after ongoing sightings had reported puma-like figures in regions such as Lara, just north of Geelong.

A puma-like cat is photographed in Victoria.

Several photographs have been handed into officials, snapping large feral cats in bush-like areas in the state, but Agricultural Minister Peter Walsh has been quick to dismiss their existence.

“No big cat has ever been detected in a formal wildlife survey, shot by a hunter or farmer or killed by a vehicle and no skeletal remains have ever been found,” Walsh said to News.

A large cat photographed near Lara.

Further investigations, including a pre-election commitment study, has concluded the “big cat” population is a myth, leaving the search to be officially ended.

The existence of the big cats in Victoria has been an ongoing topic of discussion and questioning for the past century, after thousands of reports and sightings have been put forth.