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The French court today granted an injunction, to further prevent any future publication of the topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in print or digital media.

William and Kate during their holiday in France this week.

A criminal enquiry was launched by the royal family, after the images of Kate sunbathing went viral, during their holiday in France last week. Closer magazine, who first released the images, are now facing a 10,000 euro fine for the offence. All copies have been ordered to be surrended to the court, within 24 hours.

The royals are also seeking a further £4,034 in damages, The Sun stated earlier today.

If the images are sold to any other individual or news outlet, publisher Mondadori faces a £80,720, whilst the Closer photographer is currently being hunted down by prosecutors. A full investigation will later be decided upon, which could result in the imprisonment of the offender.