bit of a bingle.

Australian model Lara Bingle.

Being Lara Bingle means being familiar with the common traits of bad driving, and this morning has seen the supermodel-turned-reality-wannabe hanging her head in shame in front of the Waverly courtroom.

The 25 year-old was  slapped with a one year suspension from driving, after she had been booked for six speeding fines this year alone. Bingle had already been placed in hot water, after being banned from driving when she was involved in an accident with a motorcyclist this May, fleeing the scene without giving the injured motocyclist her details.

The magistrate told Bingle this morning that she was facing a possible jail sentence for ignoring her license suspension, and warned her that she needs to realise how serious her offences are.

Bingle pleaded guilty to the offences, with lawyer Murugan Thangaraj claiming that the model had stopped driving since the crash and had given herself into police the day after the accident.

The court issued Bingle an 18-month good-behaviour bond and $3,500 in fines, alongside a one-year driving ban. Bingle is on her last legs, with her next serious offence being the indefinite trip to imprisonment.