royal jewels.

The royal family have threatened to take legal action against French magazine Closer, after the tabloid published revealing images of Kate Middleton topless this morning.

Protests led by the St. James Palace have representatives stating that the invasion of privacy of the Duchess of Cambridge is “grotesque and unjustifiable”.

British media are relating the scandal to the controversial tabloid media injustices of Princess of Diana, labelling it the “worst experiences of the paparazzi”.

The royal lawyers are currently undergoing preparation to face the French court, but the magazine will most likely be slapped with a mere fine. In extreme cases, editors can be sentenced to one year imprisonment, but French laws have excepted Closer from such a penalty.

Closer editor Laurence Pieau says there is nothing out of the ordinary in the photos, but are simply photos of a common woman sunbathing.

“There is nothing degrading about the images,” he stated to British media.

Media lawyer Mark Stephens says the royal family’s lawsuit will do the tabloid no harm, with the publication selling more than 400,000 copies weekly; granting enormous profits and affordability to endure such fines.

“There is nothing they can do now that the genie is out of the bottle,” Stephens said to The Independent.

Kate and William have reportedly been “deeply saddened” by the event, but have promised it will not intrude on their work.