closer than expected.

The poor royals haven’t been able to catch a break in the media lately, with Prince Harry’s raunchy antics in the US just over a month ago, but now comes the controversial photo scandal that could have the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton writhing in fury.

A French magazine Closer,  has threatened that it will tomorrow release topless photos of Middleton sunbathing during a holiday with Prince William, in Provence last week. Posting the cover of the upcoming issue on their website, the magazine has ensured that the images “will go around the world”.

French magazine ‘Closer’ threatens to publish nude photos of Kate Middleton. (Photo credit: Take40).

According to has captioned the cover with words that are guaranteeing readers a moment they will “never forget”.

“See incredible pictures of the future queen of England like you have never seen her ….and as you will never see her again.” – Cover of Closer. 

The British media has responded in a more respectful manner, demanding that the photos are kept from being published.

“Kate and Wills thought they would not be photographed as they stayed at the magnificent Chateau D’Autet in Provence, owned by a nephew of the Queen,” the paper stated, according to

Laurence Pieu, editor of Closer magazine, has released a statement, provoking anger amongst world media.

“We have to say that after Closer magazine comes out, Harry is going to feel a lot less alone. There WILL BE nipple.”

Royal representatives are refusing to speak until the photographs are deemed authentic.