a drop in the ocean.

Meteorologists in Canberra have today stated that Australia is about to face a massive dry spell, with dramatic shifts in the ocean temperatures altering future weather conditions.

Australia set to face another dry spell.

The last two years has seen the nation’s wettest seasons on record, giving much needed relief from decades worth of drought, but Senior Meteorologist Tom Saunders says the country should be concerned.

“A positive Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) has now firmly developed off Australia’s west coast. A positive IOD refers to a pattern of colder waters off the west coast of Indonesia and warmer waters off the east coast of Africa. This reduces the amount of evaporation and moisture carried from the tropical oceans into the atmosphere over Australia, and this reduction in moisture eventually reduces rainfall through the country,” Saunders told The Herald Sun this morning.

The abnormal ocean temperatures are already being felt and are forcing weather experts to predict that the nation will hit a severe wave of dryness, come summer.

“When you combine the positive IOD with an emerging El Niño we are very confident rain will be below average over most of the country through the remainder of 2012, particularly through south-eastern states.”

Source: The Herald Sun