introducing the iPhone 5.

The world’s largest electronics consumer in history, the revolutionary Apple, have announced the iPhone 5’s release for Australia on September 21 2012. The highly-anticipated smartphone will see Australia’s 4G mobile network finally touch down for Apple-savvy consumers. I’ve got the low-down on everything iPhone 5 for you to hook yourself upon and feast your eyes on. Beware, it’s tempting.

Apple unveiled the newest smartphone in San Francisco just this morning, showing off what they call a “new-look” mobile phone: a larger, 4-inch screen, slimmer body and aluminium backing. High-speed internet connectivity, new camera lens (featuring panoramic modes) and a faster processor, granting users twice the speed of the iPhone 4.

the iPhone 5 in white. [Photo by Justin Sullivan]

It doesn’t look a whole lot different from the 4S, besides its flashy new silver styling, but the phone also promises a few challengers for both consumers and app developers alike, stirring a bit of controversy in the technology world…

Those looking to buy the iPhone 5 will be forced to invest in new adaptors for any every old Apple cable or speaker dock (Yep, so-long former docking systems), so that it fits the new 80 per cent smaller adapter. Whereas, app-developers will be forced to remake all apps to fit the new display.

The redesigned body will see a shift from the 3.5-inch screen to the new 4-inch, with the same retina resolution as the current 4S (326 pixels per inch). Finally giving consumers what they have been demanding, the iPhone 5 will also slim down from the previous model, from 9.3mm to 7.6mm and will feature a better-integrated touch sensitivity.

An updated iPod Nano will also be launched, featuring a 5mm thin body, 2.5-inch display, pedometer, bluetooth, FM radio and video playback.

So, if you’re considering switching to the iPhone 5 from September 21, be sure to consider the further purchases you will have to invest in, including new adaptors, stereo systems, docks and all other accessories, in order to keep your Apple-savviness up to date; this model is completely renewed–nothing old fits the new.

The iPhone 5 shows off its slim body.

Australia will be one of the last countries to see the release of the iPhone 5, with at least another 2-3 week wait, though Apple marketing staff are ensuring the smartphone will be rolled out on September 21.

Pre-orders will begin tomorrow, with shipments starting a week later in the US, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Australia and then Japan.