that’s cray.

Known for many controversial bursts, Kanye West has yet again made a turbulent return from a calm last few months, by bragging about current girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, in his latest track Clique’. 

“Eat breakfast at Gucci/ My girl a superstar all from a home movie” – Lyrics taken from track.

It’s not the first time West has made mention of the Kardashian Diva, with recent tracks, including ‘Perfect Bitch’, describing the highly-criticised 31-year-old in manner perhaps considered demeaning by most women.

Close friend Jay-Z has condoned the relationship between West and Kardashian, but wife and R’n’B superstar Beyonce Knowles, has apparently expressed her wariness of the coupling.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

An insider told The Sun Times that Knowles is polite and appropriate when conversing with Kim, but has made her attitude toward the Kardashian family well-known and clear-cut.

“Beyoncé is always very cordial with Kim, but she’s keeping her distance… The Kardashians are not what I’d call inside her comfort zone,” they said.

“Even though Bey can be very flamboyant on stage when she’s performing, she’s basically a pretty private, even somewhat shy person. She’s a strong personality and makes her opinions very clear, but she’s not into what I’d call ‘personal flamboyance’ – like what you see from the Kardashians. … You will never see Beyoncé doing a reality show – that’s for sure.”

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