write or wrong?

Lately I have been asked why I write and take so much care in my determination regarding my career path, and there is simply only one answer for it: because I love it. Writing has been a passion of mine since I can remember even being able to pick up a pen and attempt to scribble my name. My parents have many stories of my story writing as a child, many of which I now look back on and cringe severely. I can’t help but thank whatever good fortune gave me my ability and admiration for the English language, and I count my blessings for that every single day.

But the past few days have also had me answering questions through my personal account on Twitter, relating to my appearance and career. One follower told me I do not look like a writer should, so why have I continued to pursue such a career? I was disgusted, and I’m forced to ask exactly what a writer should apparently look like. Another approached me stating that I “try too hard” to look decent, when authors aren’t about beauty and cosmetic appearance. It has frustrated me to no ends–who is to say what a writer/journalist/author/editor should look like? I have had many jobs in the journalistic field; not one of them has rejected me by saying, “Sorry, you try to present yourself decently to society, we can’t have you onboard.”

Even more so, I was disgusted when a friend told me she has experienced the same thing lately at university, where people have told her she doesn’t have the appearance to pursue a career in science. She carries beauty, intelligence and admiration for what she does, but is being labelled as “scientist barbie”. Just a tip, guys: it’s not always a compliment.

Call me over-sensitive, but if having a priorities such as looking half decent is a reason why I shouldn’t pursue my dream career, then something is seriously wrong in the world. I do my job damn well, does my appearance really hinder that?