If you haven’t heard about NASA’s Curiosity rover landing on Mars on Aug 5, then I’m going to be very challenged to not ask you whether you have been living under a rock. But that is not the point of this post.

During the Olympics, I posted about the apparent UFO sighting at the Olympic Ceremony, in which a hovering object was captured on a number of devices and cameras, during the fireworks display. With the Olympics now done and dusted, the NASA’s Curiosity has taken over the UFO stage, with its visual HD streams from Mars itself.

The rover has been exploring Mars for a couple of weeks now, lasering rocks and moving its robotic arms around in an explorers space dream-field. It had barely touched down on Aug 5, when its cameras transmitted images back to Earth, of unidentifiable objects in the Martian landscape.

Some are labelling them UFOs, but photo expert Stephen Hannard put the series of images from Curiosity under the microscopic, where they were filtered, enhanced and analysed. What he came up with, was the conclusion the the following images are nothing but camera glitches–dead pixels interrupting the surface area of the actual image content themselves.

Image sent from Curiosity – Hannard labels this one as ‘glitch’.

Hannard has stated that dead pixels usually go unheard of in Earth pictures, because the environment is so complex, that they are barely noticeable. With a landscape such as Mars’, the microscopic pixel-glitches are clear and visible to the naked eye.

Whilst I was quick to dismiss these ones, on the account of them clearly looking like mere visual muck-ups, the following postcards from NASA’s Curiosity has me truly unsettled. Call me superstitious, I truly am, but these are simply baffling.

After the rover was lowered on the Mars’ surface by a space-crane, the Curiosity transmitted images of what looked to be a dust storm cloud in the distance. Forty-five minutes later, however, another image snapped in the same location, showed the cloud to be dissipated.


Additionally, a film sequence from Curiosity shows white objects moving near the horizon of the planet. The objects can be seen lifting up from the horizon line, before following another into the left, before moving off into the right-hand side view and above the horizon.  

Last of all, a reporter asked NASA JPL scientists what the odd object in the distance of the horizon in an image was. A closer look revealed a circular object, sitting in a shot distance away from the rover.The JPL are yet to comment on the unidentified object, but sceptics are stating the object is far too large to be a circular rock.

“UFO Rock”

Enlarged photo.