The British government has released an archive of 25 files outlining the procedures and events of the once-existent UFO Desk. The department was closed in 2009 after the the Blair government announced its cause as redundant.

Passed through to the Prime Minister himself, the collection of documents contain descriptions of jobs for the Officer of the UFO Desk, which has been labelled as “the weirdest job in Whitehall”, according to News.com.au

An image kept confidential by British government, showing a helicopter surrounded by “UFOs”.

Employees of the Desk were required to brief the Ministry of Defence of the exact locations of UFOs in the skies, as well as research and undertake investigations as to any information gathered on their identification. UFOlogists were hired as managers of these daily tasks, until the Desk announced its closure.

A video contained within confidential records of Britain’s UFO Desk.

With the documents made available to the public, statements taken by witnesses outlined in the papers have been deemed extremely “bizarre”–one including an encounter from a hotel owner in Wales, who told of two silver “humanoids” emerging from a ship and taking measurements in the field.

The records give a deep insight as to the duties of the professionals in the job, which now has us asking, “Are we really alone?”