So you want to write for Brainwash Magazine?

The Brainwash Project is looking for contributors! Entries closes September 10, 2012.

Do you want to help create a better magazine for teen girls?

Brainwash Magazine Contributor guidelines

Brainwash Magazine is looking for articles that speak to teenage girls aged between 13 and 18. It is a magazine that aims to be inclusive of all body shapes, sexual preferences and skin colours. Body positivity is a must. Please ensure that value is respected in any submitted work.

The Brainwash project acknowledges that there are more important things for girls to think about than just boys, sex, makeup and clothes. While we will still be including content related to these topics, please send a pitch before you start writing. We’re also looking for articles on the following topics: sport, environment, politics, history, science, pop culture, craft, health, the media/magazines, girl power, social analysis, advice etc.

Average word count is 500 words. Please email for specifics. We welcome interviews, reported pieces, critical essays, personal pieces, jokes, comics, drawings, photographs, poems and short stories.

Most of all…

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