A shooting in Wisconsin leaves 7 dead.

Not even three weeks after the Aurora shootings comes the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings overnight, which left seven people dead.

A man entered the temple early Sunday morning, unleashing fire and killing six people instantly, before being shot dead by police.

Officials in the US have stated that the Sikh community has been left vulnerable to similar attacks, after the occurrence of 9/11. According to BBC, Chairman of the Washington-based Sikh Council on Religion and education Rajwant Singh, stated that the blurred lines between the Muslim and Sikh community has left followers living in fear.

“That this senseless act of violence should be targeted at a place religious worship is particularly painful,” he said.

Those within the Sikh community wear turbans and members have said that this has continuously mistaken them as Muslims.

“That turban has tragically marked us as automatically suspect, perpetually foreign and potentially terrorists.”

Eyewitnesses have claimed the shooter was a white male, which has sparked further controversy over his motives and intents.