review: magic mike.

Channing Tatum plays the lead in “Magic Mike” (2012).

I’d love to be able to tell you that you will go into this film just as excited as you went in, but I’m going to have to burst your bubble and tell you that the film has just as much poor acting as it does minutes of steel-like abs.

That being said, if you are a female (no matter single or otherwise), Magic Mike (2012) is definitely worth seeing if you don’t mind watching footage of how the stripper business works, with two of Hollywood’s sexiest actors Channing Tatum and Matthew Mcconaughey. And I will give you girls a heads up; wear a nifty scarf that can hide your blushing face, because it definitely gets a little heated.

The film is rated R in Australia, though the scenes get no raunchier than an MA+ title, but the endless minutes of dirty dancing, stripping and pop-locking by Tatum is something that would definitely have you wishing you were of a legal age.

Taking an in-depth look at Channing Tatum’s pre-acting life, Magic Mike explores the business of being a male stripper and the party life that goes with it. Stereotypically, Tatum plays the trendy, “down-with-it-all” lead, who seemingly goes through hardship and comes out the other side with a new found love. Unfortunately for him though, the film does not do his acting or dancing skills justice. The storyline is poor; though it has a beginning and middle structure, there is no resolve and it leaves you hanging in a way that no film should…and I don’t mean by suspense or from his pants.

So the dreamy stripper, who all the ladies love, ends up finding the “one” and tries to reel her in. Once he has done that though, the film is over before you can wish for another scene of his shirtless deliciousness.

Matthew Mcconaughey in “Magic Mike”.

Accompanying the poor narrative structure is the acting of Alex Pettyfer and Cody Horn–downright terrible, unrealistic and completely boring;  I found myself  comparing the dull vibes coming from Horn’s character, to the infamous “brick wall” personality of Kristen Stewart, but the competition was tough.

The positives, however, do save the film. Mcconaughey plays the greedy “pimp daddy” business owner with a characterisation that hits the nail on the head. His strip scene helps too, but I probably saw more than I needed to and that is saying something.

In all truth, I would see the film again just to watch Tatum roll his abs across the screen once more.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5.