ET at the Olympics?

Yesterday I came across footage of an apparent UFO appearing above the Olympic Park Stadium in London, during the official Opening Ceremony last Friday. Being a supernatural obsessor, I replayed many different accounts of the orb floating across the background of the fireworks show toward the end of the celebrations.

UFO sighting at Olympic Park, London, during Olympic Ceremony.

UFO sighting at Olympic Park, London, during Olympic Ceremony [courtesy of Daily Mail UK].

Whether a visitation from beings of outer-space, or a blimp, the cliche object passed over Statford Park at 12:30am and has had people talking since videos emerged on Youtube and news sites in the past 48 hours. The disc-like object appears in the footage as slowly crossing the skies above London, almost stealthily.

According to Daily Mail UK, UFO expert Nick Pope predicted a spike in extra-terrestrial sightings in London’s summer, and now that is well and truly here, the superstitious–or perhaps just curious–have their hairs standing on edge.

Pope’s claims came with the “announcement” that visitors to Earth would be bringing crafts to the planet to present themselves to mankind within the next few months.

Other critics, such as The Examiner, are suggesting that the mysterious shape is merely a blimp used as a source for news gathering by another news outlet.

Video: UFO sighting at 2012 London Olympics Ceremony.

With the buzz on ET perhaps being a spectator at this year’s Olympics, reports have come to the attention of the public that former Prime Minister Tony Blair had ordered the Ministry of Defence to hand over a report on the classified information regarding sightings in the past 30 years in the nation. According to Daily Mail, Blair’s concerns of a spike in UFO sightings had been covered up to members of the public.

Papers leaked from the report, ahead of its eventual public debut after Blair’s inquiry, contains over 6,700 pages worth of summaries regarding “close-encounter” UFO sightings in the last three decades.

A police officer stepped forward after the information was made available to the UK public, claiming he had spotted an “almond-like shape with four lights” circling Stamford Bridge in 1999. The man, who was mounted on his horse at the time, stated it was nothing like anything he had ever seen before, and remained hovering for over 15 seconds before changing shape and disappearing (Daily Mail UK).

The Ministry of Defence’s UFO sector was closed in 2009.