a tad picky.

Spectators of the Olympic Opening Ceremony last week would know that the appearance of the Queen was questionable and perhaps ambiguous.

Dressed in her pretty-in-pink attire, Her Majesty made an intriguing entrance by “parachuting” out of her private helicopter with James Bondactor Daniel Craig. This grand introduction of the Queen into the stadium made for interesting entertainment, but so too did her constant body language, which is now being labelled as “miserable” and “bored”.

The Queen picks her nails during the entrance of Great Britain athletes.

But what is more questionable are the images that are surfacing in the social media of the Queen allegedly picking her nails during the entrance of 500 Great Britain into the arena. More than 80,000 cheered and roared as the host country’s elites made their way into the spotlight, whilst Her Majesty was captured on live television looking less than impressed.

Anger is rising across the web, with some stating that the behaviour of the Queen was a poor representation of the nation; others are defending the incident, claiming the 4.5 hour show would have had a tiring impact on anyone sitting in the one spot for that long.

During the US footage of the moment, NBC commentator Matt Lauer stated that the Queen was “cheering loudly”.