the brainwash project.

Being a passionate follower of magazines, and an aspiring writer for a potential or

The Brainwash Project.

existing publication is one of my biggest passions. But this passion is also shared with an inspiring individual who I am proud to have connections with.

Jess Barlow, a fellow Australian writer, is on a mission to change women’s magazines for the future good. Modern publications for females tend to stick to the rehashed hype of boys, sex and all things beauty, and Jessica is on the mission to alter the face of these stereotypical reads.

I’m already hooked on the idea of finally having some interesting and useful reads, that won’t continuously tell me how to lose weight, what not to eat and when, how to do my hair how people want me to do my hair and how my sexual life should be played out. Enter, The Brainwash Project.

Self-funded and completely determined by her own self, The Brainwash Project is a prototype for a future women’s publication that is typically created by you. What you want to read, hear about, look at or write, will be a part of the final design. This is the future of proper publications. No more shallow, re-used articles on demoralising subjects. This is a chance for females to have proper rights in the media and publication industry, with the production of a respectful women’s magazine.

The project also aims to present two published copies of the potential magazine to Cleo and Cosmopolitan, along with a petition to stop the airbrushing of photographs in their publications. Women demand respect and we are fed up with the constant stream of “this-is-how-you-should-look” images thrown in our faces. Or at least should be.

Like all projects such as this, the cost to produce such an inspiring work is an expensive one, and so The Brainwash Project needs your help. The goal for the prototype to enter the finalisation stage comes with the pricetag of $4,000 (AU). If the publication was to go ahead with professional assistance and designing, $10,000 is needed.

So here’s how you can help set up a bright future for women’s magazines…

Visit The Brainwash Project  to access more information on the project and the proceeds of donations. Learn how the prototype will serve as a future reference for women’s magazines, and find out how you can join the team to create this revolutionising design.

It’s all up to us to change the future, so let’s do it before it is too late.