guns, jail and bale.

Linking to my previous posts on the Colorado shootings at the Aurora Theatre last week, this one comes with the reveal of  U.S. of gun sales rising 41 per cent since the attacks on Friday.

Gun stores in America ran background checks for the post-Aurora stage, finding that the sales of weaponry have soared in only a matter of five days. In relation, a spike in the numbers seeking training for concealed gun permits was also discovered.

The U.S. laws currently allow weapons to be carried if concealed in an appropriate manner, with a permit, in 49 out of 50 states. As stated by the Herald Sun, Illinois is the only state to dismiss the law.

Store clerks in the Colorado area have told of their arrival at work in the days after the attacks, with customers lining up at the entrance before the stores had been opened.

Over 2887 background checks were ran from Friday through to Sunday, which revealed the surge in gun sales and permit interests.

Buying his weapons legally, mass-murderer James Holmes has sparked concerns over America’s gun laws, but most agree there is nothing that can be changed about the “Right to bear arms”, protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Currently, a group of Democratic lawmakers are raising arguments to have weapon laws altered, despite political leaders unwillingness to seek change on a sensitive issue.

Meanwhile, reports of James Holmes “acting crazy” in his custody in jail are beginning to emerge, with claims that his fellow inmates are discussing murdering him.

Mass-murderer James Holmes faces trial in court.

Holmes is currently being held in suicide watch in Arapahoe Detention Centre and staff have expressed to New York Daily News that he is “still acting out his ‘Joker’ persona”.

“He hasn’t shown any remorse,” a jail employee said. “He thinks he’s acting in a movie.”

In addition to these claims, a released inmate told New York Daily News that Holmes had been spitting at guards. Since the beginning of his imprisonment, Holmes’s cell has had the windows taped over to hide him from the view of others.

The Aurora Police Department representative Jacki Kelly told Daily News that Holmes is under extensive protection from fellow inmates, after prisoners swore loudly of their desires to murder him. One inmate stated that Holmes would not live to see his Monday court appearance.

On the other side of the Aurora shootings news scale, Christian Bale has visited the attack victims at hospitals in Colorado.

Batman star Christian Bale visits Aurora shooting victims [courtesy of Denver Post].

Staff of the hospitals told The Denver Post that Bale was representing his own desires and freewill to visit the attack victims, and not the film studio.

Bale, accompanied by his wife, spent 2.5 hours meeting five patients that are currently being treated for their injuries. Each were given a 10 minute personal session with the star.

In a statement released not long after the attacks, Bale expressed his mortification on the incident.

“Words cannot express the horror that I feel,” he said.

“”I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.”

James Holmes’s facing of the death penalty is still far from being confirmed.