12 dead, 59 injured in the Aurora shootings.


Friday‘s horrific mass-murders in the Aurora Cinemas in Colorado, resulted in the loss of 12 lives, and over 59 injured. The cause? A Neuroscience Honours student, heavily armed, who entered the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises and shot dead innocent movie-goers after breaking in through an emergency exit, and making his way up the aisles of the dark theatre.

The film, which was enduring its premier release at the theatre, was an hour into its screening when a confused audience watched as a man, dressed in battle gear, threw long canisters into the seating of Theatre 9. As tear gas flooded the theatre, the unsuspecting spectators believed they were enjoying a special effects scene from the film. What they didn’t expect, however, was the raining of bullets as those next to them were shot dead or injured, in the middle of one of the…

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