just keep swimming.


Just keep swimming for another four years, because you’re going to need to gear yourself up for another ocean-filled adventure to 42 Wallaby Way.

That’s right, Disney Pixar’s all-time best selling film Finding Nemo is making a much anticipated return to the big screen, and he’ll be bringing all your favourites with him.

Directing the feature will be Andrew Stanton, who is notorious for his work with Toy Story and unfortunately the $285 million flop that was John Carter, but his involvement in the film is highly valued, given his initial success with the first (which sold over 8 million copies on the first day of its DVD release).

Stanton has assured fans that he will keep the reputation of our favourite clownfish and company in immaculate tact, expressing his insights to the situation of sequels to highly successful originals.

“It’s the originals that really keep us going and then the sequel is just like comfort food,” he stated at the Hero Complex Film Festival earlier this year.

There is little more news on any intentions for Finding Nemo 2, but the film is expected for release in 2016.