lana del rey.

Recent gym sessions have had me listening to music channels out of my free will, with my own music library starting to bloom a repetitive vibe. But never mind, because out if this spontaneity (which often results in me listening to a little too much One Direction or Justin Bieber), Lana del Rey has formed a perfect little spotlight in my heart.

Capturing my full attention with her melancholy, yet ever-so-romantic debut single Video Games”, released in 2011, del Rey has indefinitely made a mark on my musical taste buds.

Singer, songwriter and model, Lana del Rey.

Born as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, the 24 year-old Indie Pop sensation, has been labelled as the “Next Big Thing” (Literally winning that award at the Q awards recently) in singing and songwriting.

Her latest album Born to Die (2012) considers an electronic-pop feel with referencing to pop culture, the 50s and the 60s. With it, del Rey exhibits a unique emotion and whole-heartedness that has since been lost in newer music, but the singer has recently undergone negative critique from her performances on Saturday Night Live. Using the reviews as inspiration, del Rey released this year’s album, to bite back at the harsh industry…and it works.

If her music and individualism isn’t enough to acquire your tastes, Lana del Rey is a signed model with highly-acclaimed agency NEXT, and obtained her newfound success through her Youtube account — much like Justin Bieber.

Lana del Rey’s musical career has been a slippery one at that, with a constant loss of signings with record labels, and negative reflections on her performances for being “too different”. With an interest in community welfare and volunteering, del Rey has utilised her past five-year break from mainstream musical society, as an opportunity to focus her commitment to the alcoholic, drug and rehab community. The generous singer-songwriter turned model is beginning to realise her blooming popularity, with the world seemingly ready for her indie beats.

If you’re up for a refreshment in your music library, I highly recommend getting your hands on Lana del Rey’s Born to Die. Though her sounds are not typically for everyone, the lyrical intelligence embedded within it, is.