man’s best friend.

Boy suckles on stray dog for milk.

A six year-old boy in East India has befriended a pack of stray dogs, in order to survive the increasing impoverishment in the country.

After the death of his bread-winning father four years ago, Chotu Kumar was forced to find other means of simple nutrition in an environment that currently bares no nurishment for the residents.

When his family had gone without food or milk for four days, Chotu sought alternative replenishments in his new best friends and family, the pack of dogs, who adopted him almost as one of their own.

Chotu was found by his mother one afternoon, suckling on one of the stray dogs for fresh milk.

“I was so shocked. I ran over and pulled him away,” she said in a report to Ninemsn.

After the family was unable to retrieve any form of food for several more days after, Chotu retreated back to his friends, who happily provided him with the relief he was after.

“But ever since, whenever he is hungry, he has always slipped back. I have let him because I know how hungry he is.

“He often rides on her back and then he jumps off and sucks on her teat along with her own pups.”

The dog has since become a popular member of the poverty-stricken family, and resides outside their home, awaiting Chotu.

Other residents in the city were outraged by the boy’s behaviour, claiming it would lead to a rabies outbreak.

The boy has since been accepted into a school that provides for his and his family’s hunger, but Chotu still suckles from the dog, confessing it is now a habit.