the newspaper challenge: day three – bombs away.


The Age, July 22, 2012 – “Bali Bomber Given 20 years’ jail”

It might have been ten years ago that the Bali bombings had the world ravaged by fear once more after 9/11, but the wounds are still raw for those who are haunted by the terror-filled memories.

Over 202 people lost their lives after a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda, planted explosives in the Sari nightclub, killing 88 Australians and wounding many more in Kuta, Bali, 2002.

Bali bombings terror site, Sari Nightclub, Bali.

Terrorist and bomb-maker Umar Patek was convicted last night in court, leading to a 20 year jail term for his role in the bombings.

Bomb-maker in the Bali bombings, Umar Patek.

This sentence comes after being downgraded from formerly being the death penalty, Patek’s lawyer convincing the court to further assess the evidence given on behalf of his client’s alleged “innocence”.

Patek claimed he had no intentions on carrying out the bombings on those whom he believed were innocent, but was forced into action when the terrorist group plotted to target all “white foreigners” at their location.

He further stated that he was under the belief that the terrorist organisation were catering for their “revenge” for what happened to the Muslims in Palenstine. Prior to this statement, however, Patek confirmed that he had told the terrorist plotters that if they were planning to act on revenge, they were better off attacking the Jews in Palestine.

By the end of his hearing, Patek told the court that it is “…an obligation of ever Muslim to carry out jihad against those who attack Muslims”.

The bomb-maker will escape the death penalty, despite being found guilty of assisting in the murder of 202 people in the tragedy, and will serve a life sentence in prison.

Patek should count his blessings; 20 years for killing 202 innocent victims? Some serve life for just one.