Case closed.

Case closed – The dingo ate her baby.


Thirty years later (clearly there was no rush), the Australian coroner has come to a conclusion of the infamous Lindy Chamberlain, “The dingo ate my baby”, case.

Several decades ago, the case had the nation divided over the opinions of how Lindy Chamberlain’s 9-week-old infant went missing during stay in a tent near Ayers Rock, Australia.

Tensions in the nation were uneasy of the Chamberlain’s claims that the animal had dragged their infant from their tent, and increasing suspicions of the couple being guilty of murdering Azaria Chamberlain became the popular assumption.

The couple spent much of their time being ridiculed, insulted and abused at their family home, where they told of people “howling like dingoes” in their front yard.

A yet-again pregnant Lindy Chamberlain was sentenced to a life behind bars, after new evidence found her guilty for allegedly slitting her daughter’s throat to make it look like a…

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