Black and Blue

My latest post on the controversial use of physical discipline as parents and guardians.


I realise it is a topic that the majority of us would rather not have to discuss, or witness for that matter, but I have recently been exposed to the moral concern of public discipline to children by their parents. Working on a weekend, I was confronted by a couple who took to their kid in a physical display of punishment, hitting him harshly next to my counter. The line of customers behind them were not impressed; a couple walked a way in disgust.

Lurking Facebook, I came across a video clip that had me in utter shock. In fact, the words to describe how I felt at my viewing of this footage, is almost impossible to define.

The four minute clip shows a foreign woman brutally bashing a toddler, while those that filmed and those in the background of the room, stand around to view the action. Theā€¦

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