the dark side.

Drifiting away from the tone of my latest posts, I thought it was time for something a tad more quirky and  in a “You learn something every day” sort of manner.

Hey, you! I see you there, sweeping your fringe across your eyes. Don’t you want to see the sunlight?

Leading optometrist, Andrew Hogan from the Australian Optometrists Assoiciation, has launched a campaign against younger generations adopting the “fashionable” giant fringe, which steals away vision from at least one eye.

The optometrist is claiming Reece Mastin, Justin Bieber and other teen icons for the “dangerous” style, claiming it will lead to these generations in particular, becoming lazy-eyed in the future.

Hogan is concerned that the Emo trend is forcing teens and children to adjust their vision in ways to be able to see through the limitations they are giving themselves, causing them to peer intensely through their hair, often resulting in the hunching of the back. This, Hogan states, is a major cause of postural problems in younger generations.

Guys, the huge fringe across the face definitely turns faces in all the wrong ways; how about giving your beautiful face the attention it deserves! And girls, I hear the sock bun Do is all the rage these days. Tie that hair up!