where the line is drawn.

Maybe it is me, maybe I have been taught to have too much respect and sensitivity to the issues that come with people’s personal lives. Maybe I have found myself in too much of a position to be sympathy-driven, and compelled to feel emotional when devastating and tragic events take place, in and outside the minds of the people I do and do not know. Maybe I am just human.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a friend who explained his concern for a page that has been developed and shared on the Facebook network. His concern was valid and logical; when I saw the page myself, I felt disgusted and slightly tormented.

I hate hearing how this generation of mine has constantly shown the mature majority how inappropriate and troublesome “we” are, but this page does nothing but that. Where’s the respect?

For those that aren’t aware of it, “Facebeef” has become a popular page for people to post negative, abusive and downright offensive material in a public space, for those they aim it at to see it. That being said, there is nothing delicate about the way they publish their content, either.

Recently, my friend network inside and outside of Facebook experienced a tragic loss of a beautiful teenage girl, who I had the pleasure of knowing. Having links to bullying and low self-esteem, she tried to show awareness of bullying through a video, which went viral. Liv, if you are reading this, you achieved a million goals in one with that message.

Facebeef, of course, has used this as a motif for comedy and “hilarity”, by posting a video titled, “Bullying help, Tristan style”. The footage shows the apparent Tristan showing flashcards to a backdrop of a corny song, explaining how those who are bullied are nothing but “attention-seeking whores” who need to stop “crying like a bitch”.

I do not write about this site to bring it positive attention, and more “likes” to it’s disgusting statuses – which, by the way, I have seen many of my own “friends” like… appalling – but to make those who take the time to read my blog, aware of the social implications and consequences that this page is producing. I find it even more interesting that the site claims in its header, that the content published in its space is for “comedy purposes” only, and “should not be taken seriously”.

Will it be taken seriously enough if someone loses their mind or life over this?

Example number two…

I have so much to say about this status, that I just won’t bother saying anything at all. I hope on some extent, people agree with me in utter disgust.

Bullying comes down to red-handed people, and those that have authorised and run Facebeef are just that. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the death of a person, because I emotionally and psychologically destroyed their mind through my warped words of abuse.

I’m not your parent, your guardian, your god or your teacher. By all means, do what you like. If having a laugh at other peoples’ misery is what you enjoy, then that’s your choice. I just know I get my happiness from other means, and not by the sacrifice of someone else’s.

And to “Tristan” and the other contributors of Facebeef, I say this to you:

This is not a moment of glory for you, being publicised and aware of by others, but instead attracting a spotlight for all the wrong reasons. If, in the future, you are responsible for something more serious that harsh words written on a screen, I hope you are reminded constantly about your involvement with it. Congratulations, you’re truly, and utterly, insensitive.