A moment from the heart.

I was brought up with an open mind, an open heart and open eyes. I was brought up knowing that anything could be, that nothing was set in stone, and that nothing was (or is) handed out for free. Life is one of these things. It’s cliche, but you do only live once. You live with hopes and expectations that have your heart set on future accomplishments or nourishments from others. Perhaps, all you really want in life is for something to sweep you off your feet, have you holding your chest in a moment of adrenaline. Perhaps, all you really want in life is to be plainly and simply, happy. For some, these desires do not come as easy fulfillments. By this, there are some that struggle with the mindset of facing another day, but these are the people that truly live life to it’s very tiny fragments; pushing emotional boundaries and self-accomplishments that others haven’t previously appreciated in their own lives.

Myself, and others included, have struggled with personal mind-over-matter problems and other mental incapabilities that have set me back a few steps in life, but with a road as clear as the unpaved path, I am slowly learning that this needn’t be a major setback in my life. Others suffer pain so that do not have to. Others suffer pain because they have no choice but to. And some others, the unfortunate ones, suffer pain because others have inflicted it on them. This goes out to a girl I was lucky to know in my childhood, who unfortunately lost her life last week in a personal battle with her own troubles and struggles. To her, I say goodbye and commend her on her bravery of facing a world, in which she felt was such a burden, for as long and as well as she did. To this girl, I say let heaven hold you dearly. Let your new life have you pushing new boundaries, facing new accomplishments and braving new learnings about everything around you. Live and let live another beautiful journey that you now have waiting to greet you. 

To her, I say thank you. Thank you for keeping us reminded of the painful infliction that others can cause, and for keeping us aware of the troubles we cannot always see on the surface. 

Thank you and rest peacefully.