Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) buys Instagram for $1bn.

With the new Android release of the already successful, Instagram app for iPhone and other phone holders, the overwhelming interest in the social popularity of the network has given corporations something to keep their eye on. 

Not all of you would be accustomed to the app, or perhaps have never heard of it, so here is the low-down. 

Instagram allows users to create their own profile, and follows similar interface and features as Twitter and Facebook. Instead of status updates, or “tweets”, you post pictures of what you are up to, what you like or what you do to the world. It’s one big visual feast. 

And with all the hype of Instagram circulating the net like wildfire, there is bound to be some jealousy, or some corporate bidding – who other than Facebook?

Facebook founder and multi-billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, made his mark in the industry this morning, completing a $1 billion offer to buy out InstagramThe Instagram team will join Facebook’s league of staff in a new social networking phenomenon, that is sure to put Twitter and Tumblr on edge. 

Zuckerberg assures Instagram users that the interface will not delete the authority for individuals to post content on other social networking sites, such as Twitter. 

It’s a consumer-capitalist world, alright.