an appetite for the hunger games.

20120322-212202.jpg Well, these days it is easy to be sucked into the phenomenon that is a teenage love saga, like that of the infamous Twilight series, but I would like to be that annoying person to bring up yet another hyped-up piece about the almost-masterpiece that is The Hunger Games. And whilst I am extremely jealous that I didn’t snap up the vampire-loves-a-mortal narrative (pure genius), this new saga is definitely going to hit the ground running.

Why? Well, it’s not Twilight.

What I mean by this is that it is not your average love story, but instead a dramatic commentary on an unstable society, that is dominated by a sense martyrdom; the incapable and worthless, District 12, is put up against the other eleven, in a fight to death. Of course, if Suzanne Collins had wanted to make it less intriguing, she could have written in adults to play the victims of the storyline, but instead, she gives 24 teenage “tributes” (one female and one male from each district) the order to fight for their lives in a struggle of force, wit and pure odds, in a futuristic (yet identifiable) arena. I applaud Collins for her choice of character age; not only does this appeal to every “omg-he-is-dreamy” teenage girl, but also every teenage boy who is willing to admit he is in love with the thought of strength and domination.

But there is also something more in this.

The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is a motive-driven, physically and mentally strong female, who strives to be the reliable, selfless hero of the day. Yes, fellow feminists, the woman’s time has come, in this thrilling epic. To complete it, an original love complex is weaved into the storyline, one that definitely has twists, turns and comes without the predictable moments. Well, almost.

I have tried hard, here not to give away any spoilers, but I will reveal this much. Wait! Don’t exit now, I promise it won’t have you cursing me for spilling the beans. I feel I must warn you boys, if you are taking your girlfriend, (or are attempting to make this a date to get her as your girlfriend) the film does include a spunky dream boy, that of Liam Hensworth. Don’t worry, he’s taken by none other than Miley Cyrus (damn her).


Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hensworth

To sum it up, I demand you go see The Hunger Games, before every other author attempts to make their own version; we all know how over-hyped such a sensation can get.